Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tea for two?

See these mugs? Well, I really think I simply must have them!! They're a Set of 2 mugs at

I got given a set of 4 mugs from Habitat for my birthday last year and I love them so. Apart from being good looking, they're nice to drink out of (mug like in shape but not too chunky), they stack in the cupboard (important, as storage is always short of space) and, importantly, they fit under the coffee machine for my morning brew. Those that know me know that this is very very important!

So, sometime this week or so, I will have to try and find my way to a habitiat store, as I simply must have them!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Oh, my - Origami!

Who partook in origami when they were younger? Whilst I was never good at languages, I loved it when it was origami time in Japanese class. Imagine my delight when I stumbled accross this beauty last week at the V&A?

Well here is the dress, shoe and a boot. I gave up before I completed the pair of shoes or boots, but not before a made a shirt, tie, suit, hat and bra as well.

Friday, 24 July 2009


Taken tonight on my mobile, standing on London Bridge looking NNW towards St Pauls. Dusk is my fav time of day - and the clouds here were stunning. That, and I just discovered whilst taking pics there that I could "solarise" them on my phone. Sweet, thanks nokia

Monday, 13 July 2009

Nom nom nom...

Thursday - delights from home for my morning tea - oh so so so happy

a little birdy told me...


This little birdy came with me and a friend to the movies, after a hard day at the office. This little birdy didn't like how they completely changed the ending either!! (yes, we saw My sister's keeper).

This little birdy is well travelled, having first travelled with me from the NGV shop in blessed Melbs.

On time? Really, you do say

Tuesday - story of my life!!

I'm not sure the maths behind this adds up. I take the train from E&C to St Albans everymoring. It is a journey full of cancelled trains, delayed "on time" trains and unannounced platofrm changes. But hey, what can you do?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lord's - home of cricket. Rajasthan Royals v Middlesex, easily won by Rajasthan but enojoyed by all. It was grey and drizzly for most of the match but towards the end of the first innings, the sun made an appearance

Monday, 6 July 2009

Had a great summer day yesterday, down in Brighton with some school friends. Our plans were to leave London by 11 (we got the 11.11 train so not bad!) and do as we pleased. Gorgeous weather for it. Spookily, we got the 11.11pm train home again after! We just don't have piers like this back home. Earlier in the day we rode the log flume but that is as brave as I get with rides!!

Such a beautiful old building, the Royal pavilion. Loved the inside - so colourful and ornate. Sure, a bit OTT for my tastes but good to admire. Loved some of the hand painted wall paper - that certainly was to my taste.

And a delish coffee, served beautiful. For a pub coffee (Seven Stars), it was really good. We spent a lazy hour or two here enjoying drinks, dinner and cards (gin rummy).

New in town...

Who's going to take me out tonight??

Loving that song very much right now, along with a bunch of others. Summer sound-tracks are always good. You here the tune years later and it takes you right back...

What are some of your fav summer tunes? Mine include boys of summer (Dj Sammy version, Kings of Leon version, Atari's cover and the original are all good IMHO). Ok, large mental blank but there are lots more I'm sure!

Anyway, I'm new in Blog town. I soon hope to have a spiffy new background and prettyness going on...maybe