Monday, 6 July 2009

Had a great summer day yesterday, down in Brighton with some school friends. Our plans were to leave London by 11 (we got the 11.11 train so not bad!) and do as we pleased. Gorgeous weather for it. Spookily, we got the 11.11pm train home again after! We just don't have piers like this back home. Earlier in the day we rode the log flume but that is as brave as I get with rides!!

Such a beautiful old building, the Royal pavilion. Loved the inside - so colourful and ornate. Sure, a bit OTT for my tastes but good to admire. Loved some of the hand painted wall paper - that certainly was to my taste.

And a delish coffee, served beautiful. For a pub coffee (Seven Stars), it was really good. We spent a lazy hour or two here enjoying drinks, dinner and cards (gin rummy).

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