Friday, 14 August 2009

Never to early!

I got the catalogue in the mail today and I must say, I was ooohing and ahhing over so many of their Christmas cards. I know it is a little early to be sending them, but I could always start buying them...if only I could decide which ones.

I love the non-trad Christmas colours of these cards, and that they have religious intonations. It can often feel as though the true meaning of Christmas gets lost a little more each year.

The Winter in the Country are also gorgeous, and would be great to send home to my friends and fanily in Australia. We've always laughed back home about the Aussie shops selling Christmas cards with snowmen and ice-skating and winter scenes on them. They're nothing to do with Christmas in Australia. I could get away with them this year though.

And how about these hand made Nepalese ones? Or the Luxury Silohuettes or the Trendy Magic? Too many to chose from. Do you still send Christmas Cards? Do you buy them or DIY?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

0 down, 1000 to go

Some time ago I got a mate "1000 things to do in London". He's an Aussie like me so any tips are always welcome. It fitted nicely in his Christmas stocking too. Well, it would have, had we had stockings for each other. Instead, it fitted nicely in our backpacks as we caught a cable to the top of a mountain to exchange gifts last Christmas before skiing down (yes, wearing a flashing santa hat). Whilst I still think it is a top gift, there was a little self interest in it - I thought I could ride coat tails maybe.

Then, a few short weeks later, I gave another Aussie friend "1000 things to do in Britain" as part of his birthday gift. He'd not long bought a car (go dubya) so he had the means to get of this great metropolis a little more than the rest of us.

Soon after, being the cheapskate (or frugal) one amongst us, I picked up a copy of "1000 things to do in London for under £10". That would have been April some time. (note, I got it half price at Foyles, my most favouritist of book shops)
So far, I've accomplished 0 of them. Well, maybe I have, but I don't know. You see, I haven't yet stopped to look at the book in any detail. In flicking, I see some things that are kind of every day activities, so I'm guessing I've done a few, but I just don't know.
So, going forward, I am going to do those 1000 things before they are no longer under a £10. So, folks at home, if you are wondering how long until I head home one way, I'll keep you posted...

Monday, 10 August 2009

Oh so London

It is one of the iconic London landmarks, but not one I'd ever paid much attention to. Until a few weeks ago. I was meeting a friend at Eros before dinner and a movie. Killng time, I thought I'd take a pic of it. My phone camera is basic but has some fun options. So, in case you are wondering, this is what the Picadilly Circus signs look like in normal mode, false colours, solarize and negative.

And here is what Eros himself looks like in normal mode. I didn't realise at the time just how pretty and cotton wool like the clouds were. Bonus

Tea for me

(or coffee, actually)

So here is that tea cup I so lusted after. Whilst it looks pretty on the store website, me believes it looks prettier filled with fresh monmouth coffee, on my dresser, next to my new bedside lamp. Agreed? Good.
Stop to smell the roses

Twas meeting a friend for a walk the other day. Our usual route is along the Thames path as it is convenient. However, this week I decided we needed to venture further afield. Regent's park is one of my fav places to wander in London so when hearing Manda (despite having lived in London for 2 1/2 years) had never been there, there was a change of venue.
A few months back the park was packed with tulips and spring flowers. Come late summer however, the Queen Mary rose garden is the place to see. All the roses are labelled (some favourites include razzle dazzle and sexy rexy) but I didn't take note of what I was capturing. Anyway, here are some purrties...

I hope you stop to smell the roses too