Thursday, 10 September 2009

Malta teaser (part 3)
I want this please dear Landlord

As nice as this looked in the clothing store in Valletta, it would look magical in my room. Don'tyou think?

Monday, 7 September 2009

Malta teaser (part two)

Unfortunately, I only had 3 days in Malta. Not long enough at all. I just couldn't leave it behind so got snapping as we left. The left most photo is a view of Sliema (right of the harbour) and Valetta (left of the harbour). Next up is the yacht/boat haven of Xemxija Bay and then last but not least the golden sands of Mellieha Bay. Delightful swimming there on the Monday.
Malta-eser (part one)

Fireworks, courtesy of St Julian's fiesta being the Saturday night we spent in Malta. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth I've been, and I'm truly madly deeply in love with it. I'm also truly madly deeply in love with my new tripod (Joby gorilla grip) that meant I didn't have to hold steady as we sat back on the restaurant's terrace and took it all in... This is just some of the fireworks pics!
Running for fun
I've never been a big runner. I liked the sprints at school but cross country etc was just never my thing. Still isn't I don't think, but I'm making a stab at it. Whilst my housemates and friends nursed their hangovers this Sunday, I got up and ran for a cause.

I ran for 5kms around Hyde Park in London as part of the Addidas 5kms womens challenge. What was most challenging was negotiating the crowds - 17,000 participants made this very difficult. Had it not be a gorgeous morning in a gorgeous place, it would have bothered me more. As it was, it meant I could only run parts and walk others. Oh well, I'll come back again and do another 5km run someplace else.

Oh, and the cause - Bowel Cancer UK