Monday, 7 September 2009

Running for fun
I've never been a big runner. I liked the sprints at school but cross country etc was just never my thing. Still isn't I don't think, but I'm making a stab at it. Whilst my housemates and friends nursed their hangovers this Sunday, I got up and ran for a cause.

I ran for 5kms around Hyde Park in London as part of the Addidas 5kms womens challenge. What was most challenging was negotiating the crowds - 17,000 participants made this very difficult. Had it not be a gorgeous morning in a gorgeous place, it would have bothered me more. As it was, it meant I could only run parts and walk others. Oh well, I'll come back again and do another 5km run someplace else.

Oh, and the cause - Bowel Cancer UK

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