Monday, 12 October 2009

A new tradition

I've just returned from a flying visit home (Australia) and am now back home (London).  Both places are home and whilst I always plan on returning to grow old in Melbourne, London is home for me right now.

Part of the joy of being in Melbourne was catching up with friends and family.  There were a few group shindigs which made it easier but then there are a few friends that I wanted 1 on 1 time with.  I'm reluctant to use the term best friend because I have some brilliant friends but there are 4 girls, who all fit the bill.  They all know each other but largely through me.  It's not a group friendship - all of them are separately and equally my best friends for different reasons.  One of my best friends, K, moved north to Sydney a few years ago when her boyfriend got his dream job up there.  It was quietly devastating to say goodbye to them.  We were flatties and had been through a bit together - she was my go to girl for advice, and mid afternoon drinks, and chic flicks and lots of things.  She was like a sister I guess.  I don't know why our paths crossing through primary school and high school, it was only at the end of school we found our rythym.

Now, she moved north in 2006.  I've seen her a handful of times since - when I could wing a work trip there, or more often, when she dutiful returned to Melbourne.  Being the girl she is, when I told her I was flying into Melbourne but wouldn't have time to get to Sydney, she arranged to fly down to hang out.  Anyway, after non-stop chatting, we had a slightly rushed goodbye and after saying I'll call/email/write, we decided we would send postcards. 

To me, these postcards are not in place of our usual communication, but as an add on.  I love receiving snail mail - and thinking someone has gone to the time to chose the paper/card etc and write it out.  I am super excited about this new tradition so this week I bought two cards (could have bought a zillion but want to find some more as I go) and 10 postcard stamps to get me started.  I've sent the first one and can't wait to send another but will wait for a reply.  I even bought a new pretty colour purse sized pen.

Not that I need inspiring but something like this is the perfect way to display K's incoming postcards along with other odds and sods I pick up along the way.



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