Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Place for my postcards

So my previous post was abouth the joy of one of my dearest friends being my pen pal.  Such important postage deserves a special place!

I used my lunchtime wisely today, picking up these cute little pegs and silver string.  Never mind these are intended for Christmas cards, they will be perfect for my postcards. 

For £1.50 a packet, I picked up two packets, but on reflection, I might just go and get a few more.  I may even want to use some come Christmas time!!

Wilkinson's never lets me down so whilst I was there I got a few more frames and what not for a few others tasks.  More on them soon. 

What are you fail safe home needs stores that put a spring in your step?

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  1. Call me a dumb American if you'd like (I'm okay with that), but I like the way you talk. "on reflection" "whilst: Nice!