Saturday, 28 November 2009

Flickr Favourite on a Friday

Lot's of the posts I've been reading in my reader have been all about giving thanks.  It is something I do do, but do need to do more often.  Being an Aussie, living in the UK, Thanksgiving is not a holiday that I celebrate though, so I think I will do my thanks some time soon, not right now.

That said, after a really kind of kaka day at work today, I am thankful for so so so many creative people that inspire me all over the world.  Flickr is one of my favourite websites - had you noticed?  I love exploring what they call "interestingness" whenever the need for inspiration strikes (hopefully less often as I'm making some changes in my life right now).

Anyway, through "interestingness" I discovered what remains my favourite photo and is currently the image on my work desktop.  I can't help but smile, and be happy, and be inspired when I see it.n  I love the colours, I love the perspective and I love the subject matter.  Basically, I just love it...

Tulips Carousel @ Descanso Gardens

So thank-you to you, my readers (however few) and to Whisperbee for this gorgeous pic.  Do you have a fave pic or inspiration piece?

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