Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lisa Leonard Giveaway over on Centsational Girl

Have you heard of or see Lisa Leonard's designs?  They've been doing the rounds lately on some of my favourite blogs and they are now on Centsational Girl's, in the form of a Fabulous Jewelry GIVEAWAY.  You should go check it out, and enter to win.  (feel free to share with me if you do).

The hardest part would be chosing which design you like the most.  Some of my favourite include the Fly Free Necklace, the Starry Hearts Necklace and The Large Initial Bracelet.

Though, if you asked me again tomorrow, I might just change my mind!  Get to it kids, go and enter to win!

(oh, and a side note - I hope to get my act together for regular posts soon.  Our interwebs at home is down which means I can only steal a minute or so at work here and there.)

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