Thursday, 26 November 2009

My Lego Nirvana

The Grand Carousel (with moving horses and lights and sound)

I don't really know that I need to say much more.  But I will.  I'm like that.  I talk to fill in silences sometimes.  Not always, just sometimes.

Anyway, I love Lego.  So many hours were spent playing with it as a kid.  (As an aside, I'm glad I'm Simon's sister because I wonder if we would have had as much of it as we did had it just been me.)

I also love love love carousels.

True story 1.  I rode the carousel in Darling Harbour, Sydney, with my stepmum when I was 19.  She was working north for three weeks so I flew up for a girly weekend.  As we passed it by she commented it would have been fun to have kids with us so we could ride on it.  I pointed out we didn't need kids to ride on it.  So round and round we went.  And laughed and laughed we did.

True story 2.  I skipped the dessert and champagne at a Mothers day lunch at Royal Melbourne Zoo last year so I could cut carousel laps with my nephew.  The other adults stayed in.  Knowing me, passing champagne and desserts is quite something.

Anyway, I think you get the point.  I lust after this.  Recently when the parents asked what I wanted for my birthday, I was so tempted to suggest it, but I just didn't.  Maybe next year?  Or Santa, if you are listening, I've been super good this year.


  1. Tempted to get it for your birthday but GBP 166.35 is a little out of my budget. Interesting point about your brother. I was an only child and of course I spent hours and hours playing with my Lego collection... it was one of the best forms of entertainment as a kid alone. Never really considered that it would have been a fun activity to play with a sibling.

  2. Oh, I didn't always play with the Lego at the same time as Simon. The aside was more wondering if we'd have had as much if I had a sister instead of a brother.