Friday, 20 November 2009

A postcard made for me

So a while back, I mentioned I had a new postcard pal, K (one of my dearest friends).  We've been exchanging cards for a little while now and I love the thrill of receiving snail mail that isn't a bank statement, fast food menu or some such meh item.  The ones I've been receiving are great, although they do make me a little homesick. 

Part of the joy, and it is a selfish joy, is chosing the card to send. 

This isn't the first of the cards I sent, nor the most recent, but it could be considered one of my personal mottos, especially as I head into busy season (both professionally and personally):


I picked it up, along with some others along the way, at Paperchase.  It's got to be said - I love a good stationery shop and this is one of my favourites over here


  1. I love stationery too. Nothing can replace a hand written card!