Wednesday, 18 November 2009

S is for Simon's Sista

S is also for me. Well, my name, Sue, rather than me per se.

Anyway, here is a little S I liked on Flickr.  I'd call it a top shelf kind of S


And here is said little S in my room, on my top shelf.


Sorry about the lighting etc of the pic but hey ho.  I bought the silver frame for something else, got it out of its wrapping and realised it didn't fit (an I still haven't framed the other pic!).  Still, I like my top shelf S, along with my bouncy balls (mostly souvenirs etc) and my little birdy.

I found this S, many others in the One Letter Pool.  Mosy on over and see what you sure to let me know your favourite


  1. Cool site... I really must explore Flickr more!

  2. That looks really great! I want to get one of those wooden letters from the craft stores, paint it, and put it up in my living room. Thanks :)