Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas is coming

And my decorations are up.

I'll warn you upfront that there is not many! I live with two other girls and none of us are actually here for Christmas so we've gone lightly with them. Rather than getting a tree (that we don't really have anywhere to put), I've tried to Christmas-a-fy some pre lit branches I have. Our flat is a 3 bedroom place but the living area (lounge/meals/kitchen) is all one big room.

Here is what we have (and upfront apologies for the quality of the pics - I'm not home during daylight hours):

Our "Christmas tree"

In context.  There is now tinsel along the windowsill and a homemade wreath hanging in the centre of the blinds


Said wreath.  I traced a plate and a bowl onto cardboard then just wrapped some leftover tinsel from last year around it repeatedly.  Not stunning, but it will do.

As described

Close up of my favourite ornament - a snowflake ornament from Iceland.  I've sent one of these to all my family members this year.

Shiny disco balls...

My housemate is a massive combi fan (hers is marigold yellow and called primrose) so these egg cups are always out.  I think they look just dandy with this festive wear on.

The other side, near the tele.  The candle that now burns in there is red, and the shelves are covered with Christmas cards.  We've run out of room though so I'll have to sort something out this weekend.

It's not that much but as I said, none of us are there for it, nor were we last year.  The items are mainly leftovers from who knows when (before my time) and a few cheapies from poundsavers (similar to the dollar store).

There is a bit more in my room, but that will be for another time, when there is daylight!


  1. Those are very cute decorations. I have branches like that in my living room but I never thought to do anything with them. I'll have to do that next year :)

  2. I did see (500) Days of Summer and I loved it! The soundtrack was great,Zooey Deschanel was awesome and her outfits were so cute :)