Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas is going to be a cracker this year...

Short and sharp - Wee Birdy has done a round up of various Christmas crackers.  I am in love with these ones.  They are perfect.  Not very Christmassy looking but so elegant.

Are they not gorgeous?  These are from Liberty, a gorgeous niche upmarket department store in London.

I've done some interwebs virutal shopping (ie, I aint' buying none of these) and found some other doosies for you

Things to note re the above :-

  • The gold and black ones light up and have diamantes on them

  • The gifts in the red and green ones are wind up brussells sprouts (another Christmas tradtion!!)

  • The silvery ones with black bows are the tipple crackers, containing a tipple of spirits in each (just to, you know, add some spice to a family function)

  • The purple peacock ones a way OTT for me.  Oh, and cost £500

  • I wouldn't mind the white ones with sweets inside.  Yum

  • The black and coloured ones are trivial pursuit ones.  Doable for sure.

  • The plain looking brown/green/taupe ones are a DIY kit - these can be fun.

  • And the itty bitty gold ones are just too cute!
Are Christmas crackers a big part of your day? We've varied it over the years. One year I handmade some, another year we had some luxe ones whilst mostly we just pick some up to match the table scape. The main things are they they contain really bad jokes and the paper hats.

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  1. I've never had one and I'm not even really sure what they are but they look nice!