Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Feeling festive

and funky.  I'm a moany joany, all full up of a head cold so lacking a little energy but still getting excited about Christmas.  I wanted to show you the virtual "advent calendar" my step mum and I are doing but I'm not sorted with pics etc so it will come later.  I also wanted to show you the christmas decorations at my place...but they're still in their packets and I'm a few twigs short of the perfect tree arrangement so that will come later too!

Instead, I shall show you some of the Christmas lights in the main shopping district of London.  The turning on of the lights is quite a big thing here.  Jim Carrey flicked the switch on Oxford street as "A Christmas Carol" is this year's theme.  Some of the lights are to my taste (hello Regent St), others not (goodbye Carnaby Street) but it all adds to the feeling. 

So starting at the bottom, here is Carnaby Street this year. 


In my mind, it is like hippy meets gay pride meets my little pony.  Nothing wrong with any of that, it just doesn't speak a Christmas kind of language to me.  I think they're playing up the swinging 60's connotations of Carnaby street but I just don't like it.  Incidentally, the giant snowmen on Carnaby Street last year were pretty much my fav.  Here's a pic of them:

South Molton Lane has some gorgeous blue arches.  Not especially Christmassy but very twinkly!

New Bond Street is simple and stylish.  Matches to the super expensive shops along it (sorry - I took this snap as I crossed the road so it isn't as sharp as it could be!).

Oxford Street, rocking the Christmas Carol theme, with presents and brollies??  A load of the department stores are covered in twinkles as well (suprisingly, the yellow is Debenhams, not Selfridges!)

Oxford Circus - the junction of Oxford and Regent Streets

And recycled Regent Street.  They used these star nets last year as welll but I love them.  They remain a favourite.

Have your home towns "gone to town" on Christmas lights?  What do you like/dislike above?  I should point out that Leicester Square is also looking good, but I don't have any pics of it.  Despite not loving all of the lights, I love the overall effect of them in town. Maybe because it gets dark circa 4pm, the lights really are mood lifters.

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  1. Wow, that is gorgeous! We don't have anything like that in Tampa, that would be awesome to go to!