Friday, 11 December 2009

Hello weekend

It is Friday! This is brilliant news!  I have a whole weekend stretching in front of me with no concrete plans but lots I could do and I'm giddy with excitement about it.

I'm thinking I need to:
  • Take a trip to Borough Markets (I need more coffee beans and that is the best place to get them)
  • Hang some pictures (I have 9 framed photos/prints/pics to hang and all the stuff to do it, I just haven't previously found the time).
  • Make some soup - it is the weather for it and I've been making it about weekly.  Makes for an easy and healthy lunch.  I'm on the hunt for a new recipe to try though (vegetarian) so any suggestions welcomed.
  • Bake - I wanted to do some for my colleagues during the week but once I came down with a cold, I thought best of it.  I'm keen to try the Chunky Chocolate Gobs that Scientific Housewife has spotted and maybe something else
  • Make some bulldog clip push pins a la Brick City Love .  I've got the non magnetised version so it should be a breeze.
  • Write my Christmas cards (UK ones.  My Australian are long gone)
  • Get some blog posts planned/pictured.  I often feel like there is a lot I want to share but I don't have the pics at the ready.  By getting my flickr more up to date etc, I can be where I want to be, I think
  • Chat to the parents - I love a long weekend chat with them. 
  • Watching X Factor - the UK equivalent of American Idol has its finale this weekend.  I usually watch it with friend or two if we don't have plans so that could be a goer.
  • Finish the Christmas decorating.  We're keeping it quite simple this year as none of us will be here for Christmas, but I still want it to feel festive
  • Whatever else takes my fancy
What are your weekend plans looking like?  Busy and ultra planned?  Quiet?  Domesticated?  Somewhere in between?  Do tell...

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout, your weekend sounds marvelous and I hope it all turns out well! I am having my Christmas party this weekend as well as finishing up on some baking and gift wrapping. Have a great Friday!