Sunday, 27 December 2009

I’m away

And have been a lot this year!  This weekend it is Bruges, Belgium where I am looking fowarding to sampling some local produce (namely waffles, chocolate and fruit beer).
In the meantime, enjoy some of my fav pics of my weekends away throughout the year:
DSC05724The River Ouse, York, December 2009
20091209-DSC05381-IcelandBlue Lagoon, Iceland, November 2009
20091024-DSC04466-LondonVentnor, Isle of Wight, October 2009
20091209-DSC04356-ScotlandLoch Lomond, Scotland, October 2009
Simons Wedding and trip 125 Rotorua, New Zealand, September 2009
IMG_1553 Home, Victoria, Australia, September 2009
Valletta, Malta, August 2009
20090704-DSC02653-LondonBrighton, England, July 2009


  1. Great photos!

    Do we get to see The River Ouse, York this weekend?

  2. The bridge I took it from is right near the station - although we won't be there so early in the day (that pic was about 8.30am)