Thursday, 31 December 2009

James May – Lego House

James May may just be my hero

I don't normally post twice a day but I just feel I have to right now.  Have to.

Remember how I mentioned I like Lego?  Well James May (and his large band of volunteers and helpers have outdone themselves with this latest in a series on toys…

A house made from lego.  A real adult sized house.  With a flushing toilet, a bed, resident cat and all manner of things you might need.
It was built for his television series, James May's Toy Stories and the Lego episode has just aired.  Other episodes featured scaletrix, plasticine, mechano etc.  Flashing us all right back to our childhood.  The series has been running here in the UK over the Christmas period.

Apartment Therapy featured the house when it was underway.

The Daily Mail featured the house upon completion. 

Sadly, it has since been knocked down as no one wanted it.  Tre sad.

Some more pics (from the Daily Mail)
james-may-lego-house3 james-may-lego-house5
james-may-lego-house2  james-may-lego-house4

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  1. He is my hero! Can hardly wait for the series to air here in the US.