Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Missing on Monday...and my weekend recap

So I often harp upon how I wish I would blog daily.  But then I don't.  But I wish I had.  This is one of those cases.  I had a funky weekend.  Funky as in strange/odd and a little mixed up.  I had a reasonably longish list of tasks, but nothing too taxing.  Some got done, some didn't.  I'm not sweating about it.  Even if I was anxious, I wouldn't be sweating about it.  It's really cold here today, with snow forecast tomorrow.  Who could sweat at these temps?  Ew, sorry, moving right along.

So the did-get-dones are
  • Take a trip to Borough Markets to get coffee (probably the high light)
  • Hang some pictures (3 of the 9 that were framed got hung)
  • Make some soup (I'm calling it alphagettieministrone as I used alphabet shape pasta in it) 
  • Make some bulldog clip push pins a la Brick City Love
  • Watching X Factor (my housemate and I both had friends over and we all got curries.  It's a British thing, but a delicious thing)
  • Chat to the parents (repeatedly.  It was a big (for the wrong reasons) weekend for my family. 
  • Finish the Christmas decorating. (We could do more but we won't so I'm marking this as done)

and the sort-of-got-dones
  • Bake - I didn't do the chunky choc gobs (turns out I didn't have the ingredients) but I did do Choc chip and dried apricot cookies.  They're divine. Oh, and that got done Monday.
  • Write my Christmas cards (UK postal ones got done.  Ones to be delivered in person didn't)

 And the EPIC fail
  • Get some blog posts planned/pictured. (I uploaded some flickr pics but nothing more - hence this delay in recapping, that actually remains pictureless - sorry).
  • Whatever else takes my fancy. 

The failing on things that takes my fancy is because I did things I didn't enjoy.  My housemate broke her toe at the end of last week so is on crutches.  I played nurse whilst I was home.  She's not a good patient.  I'm not a good nurse.  I didn't want to not be a good nurse!

The other one relates to this post.  We got the next update on Friday night, late.  It wasn't good - my uncle was in his last days.  Hence many phone calls with family.  Lots of tears and lots of laughs. Do you know that at one point I was contemplating flying to Australia tomorrow (Wed) and getting back on Sunday?  That is 48 hours of flying let alone check in time etc.  The final update was yesterday, Monday, and Uncle is at peace.  We are thankful the end (pretty much the last two or three weeks) was quick.  Whilst he was sick for a year, he had a really good time until the end.  And when the end came, it came quickly.  My family are grieving, and will continue to grieve.  He shall be buried, and celebrated, on Friday.  He shall be remembered, and loved, forever.  Christmas next week will break all of our hearts, but Uncle would be happy that people are mostly together and wouldn't want us to be sad forever, just for a bit.  

I think I will stay away from mascara this week, just to be safe.

Update - and I received the Christmas card from Uncle and Auntie today, the day after.  It is full of photos and a wonderful wonderful memento for me right now.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle but I'm sure he is in a better place. Your family is in my thoughts and I'm glad you got some mementos to remember him by.

  2. I'm so sorry about your uncle. We went through the same thing around Thanksgiving. It sucks.

    I can't wait to see your take on the bulldog push pins though!!