Saturday, 26 December 2009

Platinum Wedding Anniversary anyone??

So today marks Boxing day and St Stephens Day.  It also marks my maternal grandparent’s wedding anniversary.  This year, they celebrate their 70th year of marriage. 
I wish I had a copy of their wedding pictures to hand – they are so gorgeous and they look so young and it was all before them. Granddad was in the British Army and is all decked out in his ceremonial uniform.  Grandma is wearing an intricate lace long sleeve dress and hat. 
Instead of their wedding photos, I have a picture of the card I have sent them.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a 70th wedding anniversary card?  I had to use a DIY one.  I guess it isn’t that popular as not many couples are lucky enough to make it.
Googling it (after buying the above), I found out it is a diamond wedding anniversary – but then so is the 60th and I think the extra ten years should be worth something!  Under the modern timeline, it is platinum.  One website had gift suggestions.  They less than kindly broke them into categories.  Now I hope your not eating (I wasn’t) and don’t dwell on this too long (I’m trying not to) but the categories were exotic, traditional and sensual.  The subheading for sensual is gifts that show you have the spark.  They’re 97 and 95.  Let’s not think about a spark FFS.
And on that note -
Congratulations Grandma and Granddad on 70 years of marriage!! Wishing your kids were here to celebrate with you, and not just your grandkids.

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