Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Playing around with Window Live Writer

So – how do you blog?  Do you write away in blogger/wordpress as the fancy strikes, fuss around with pics, hit publish and go?  I do. 

What about pics?  Do you load them directly to your platform?  Or to Flickr? (and then struggle to centre them before giving up)?  Yes, I do. 

Someone (Kate – aka Centsational Girl) recommended Windows Live Writer.  I’m taking her up on it.  She also recommended Picasa for blog headings.  Clover Lane did a great tutorial on it.  I’ve taken them up on that to.  I’ve used Picasa before but not the picture pile feature.

So this post comes to you from Windows Live Writer, whilst I test it out.  And, as most people use readers and won’t see the changes made to my header, I’ll use Window Live Writer’s “insert pic” for the following screen dumps, just to see if it really is easier!!

OldOld Blog heading

& NewNew Blog heading

Like my picture pile of the Regent Street Christmas lights?

Oh, and whilst I’m not planning on this being my last post before Christmas, it might well be the last time you read one  - so very merry Christmas to you all and safekeepings over the holiday period.  Love and cherish your families and dear ones.

x  Simon’s sista


  1. I am catching up on your blogs again. Going to try to make a better effort to get up to date this time.

    I blog in blogger and upload pictures directly. The only thing I embed from an external source is videos, which I upload to YouTube first.

    I was watching a Windows 7 demo on YouTube the other day because the new laptop I ordered comes with Windows 7. The Live Writer program looked interesting so I think I will give it a go. How have you found it?

  2. So far so good. I don't use it exclusively but I do like it. It's super easy to use and easier when pictures are involved. You can move them around the post more easily, resize them more easily, add borders, crop etc. I still blog directly into blogger if I' away from my laptop or I want to use pics from Flickr (I have trouble with the embedding working from Flickr but not you tube).

    So I would recommend it (and I'm jealous you will have windows 7).