Thursday, 31 December 2009

Project 365 - 2010

With the new year almost upon us, I've been thinking a lot about what I want from 2010 and how I can improve.  I'm not one for resolutions usually but often there are some general goals, most of which I'm still mulling over.  Come back tomorrow - there should be some more clarity around them by then.

One thing I am going to do, and would encourage any one to do if it interests them, is participate in Project 365. In short, it is a photo a day, for a year.  It is something I've thought of for a bit, and then somehow stumbled accross this name for it, before going on to read that some fellow bloggers are also doing it (listed below)

It doesn't seem that much of a strectch for me to take a photo each day but I think being more aware and doing it, I'm hoping to see some improvement in how I frame a shot etc.  I love that it will serve as a journal of my year a little to.

I'll be back with more on my goals, probably tomorrow, when I can officially wish you a happy new year, but in the meantime, have yourself a safe and happy one, whatever your plans (do tell - I've some vicarious living to do - I'm staying in with a housemate and friends and maybe a few cocktails).

Other Bloggers who are doing 365 (of course there could well be more but hey ho, these are who I have read of recently) - check out their blogs if you can, all quite different but interesting and inspiring.

  • Honey and Jam - her food pics leave my tummy so rumbly! asethic
  • I am. I am. I am. - it was from here I got some postcard display inspiration - I love her
  • Thrifty Little Blog - ok, she actually did in in 2009 but her story just reiterates how good a project it is

(NYE 2008-09 - I'm behind the peacock mask)


  1. You'll LOVE it... and I'm sure come up with some amazing images! Do you plan on blogging it?

  2. I do hope so! I think I will blog it but I haven't yet got the where/what/how sorted. I'm thinking a weekly post with them in review, kind of along the lines of a "wordless wednesday" but I'm not yet settled. I've got a week to decide! Did you blog yours?