Friday, 18 December 2009

Somersault & soundtracks

I've had my ipod on random this week. It has lead to some strange playlists but I'm liking the surprise factor.  My ipod has more than 13,000 songs across pretty much all genres.  I had Elvis, Frenzal Rhom, Frank Sinatra Christmas Carols, Taylor Swift, Killers and Powderfinger in quick sucession the other.  Random indeed.  

One song that has come up is one of my all time favourite songs.  Just hauntingly beautiful.  I can only so much relate to the lyrics but I just adore it.  Hope you like.

It's  from an Australian movie by the same name, Somersault, starring Abby Cornish.  Well worth a view, although not always easy going.

Related (albeit only just), I was listening to Spotify last nigth as I did things around the house.  It's a downloadable program that allows you to stream music from the net and creat playlists etc with an interface quite like Itunes.  On the home page it lists "new" music (or more, music that is new to its databases).  One of them was a greatest themesongs CD which I listened to for a bit.  It was a mix of stuff, with Goo Goo Dolls Iris among it.  I can't remember what else and I didn't like them all.  Got me thinking though, if I was building a playlist of 20 songs from movies, I wonder what I would put in there.  Somersault, above, would rate and Iris might well.  I might mull it over for a while - but what would you choose?

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