Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Ten on a Tuesday - Eleven

..drum rolll...Tuesday....Ten on a Tuesday.... Ok, drum roll not needed -this happens every Tuesday!!  A Christmassy set of Questions this week from Chelsea over at

1. When do you put up and take down your Christmas decorations?

No set time really. They went up on the 13th this year and will probably come down around the 3rd of Jan I imagine. As kids, we use to put them up earlier in December but not bring the tree in until around the middle of the month.

2. What do you do to simplify the holiday season?

Move overseas. No, not really – that’s not why I moved. But, being so far from home means presents have to be in the post by the start of December.
Dating people from different cultures also helps. Many Europeans celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve which meant I could spend the full Christmas day with my family, guilt free. Love it.

3. What do you do to remind yourself and your family what the Christmas season is all about?

We don’t need to be reminded of it – it seems to be quite intrinsic. Gifts/frivolity etc is great but it isn’t what it is about.

4. How do you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

This year I am staying at a friends. London transport shuts down so getting around on Christmas day is really hard.

Growing up was different. Christmas eve was always the local carols by candlelight at a park followed by a bbq and swimming at a friends place. Simon and I would have to get out of the pool, get dressed and go to Church for the midnight service. Then back into the pool for a bit before retiring home and giving Santa a chance to call. Christmas day was always with mum’s family – either at ours or my uncles.

5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

I don’t think I have a favorite really. Some things I love have gone by the wayside since I moved overseas. Others changed a lot between growing up with Mum and Dad (till age 9), then just Dad (till 16) then with my Stepmum and stepbrother as well. Sadly, there are few things that have carried on throughout.

6. Did you do the whole Santa thing growing up? What do you like/not like about continuing the tradition?

Oh, yes, we still do. My parents only get me 1 present a year. We usually have a say in that present too (like a watch or something). Everything else is from Santa.

7. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Gingerbreads I think, although I’m yet to meet a cookie I don’t like.

8. How do you take your egg nog?

I don’t. Hot curdled milky eggy stuff. When it is usually warm outside? Bleurgh. Australia is all out of season for this sort of thing.

9. What is your favorite Christmas carol and why?

I think Silent Night. It always makes me think of those less fortunate and slow down and stuff. The Simon and Garfunkel 7 o'clock news/Silent Night version is beautiful. So many versions are beautiful. And, it is the only Christmas carol I can play from memory on the piano/recorder (you know, if I still had a recorder)

10. When was the last time you had a white Christmas?

2008. I spent the week skiing in the French Alps. Staying places like that really increase the odds you know. Previous – 1983. Australia is not big on snow, let alone at this time of year!!

Be sure to check out Chelsea and her McLinky for more answers.  I love hearing about other's Christmas traditions, especially from various parts of the world...

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