Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Where did Christmas go???

I’m going to interrupt my scheduled programming to talk some more about Christmas.  The one just gone.  Went whooshing right by!

Actually, my scheduled programming is over and out.  That was just for Christmas and whilst I was away (Bruges).  I’ve loved catching up on everyone’s Christmases since I’ve been back and am here to share mine with you.

Being so far from my family makes Christmas less of a big deal in many ways.  There isn’t the balancing act of my immediate family, my mum’s family, my dad’s family, my brothers wife/girlfriend’s family, etc.  All that stress is taken out of it.  But with that stress goes what I really love about it – time with the family(ies) and sunshine.  Whilst the cold and snow can feel festive, it just won’t ever beat a Summer Christmas.

Last year I went skiing for the week over Christmas so I kept pretty busy and my mind was elsewhere on the day.  For the most part.  Something about taking your presents to the top of the mountain an opening them above the clouds with dear friend is a bit magical too. And then skiing down in flashing Santa hats, because you can.

This year, I was “adopted” by an Aussie friend who’s brother is also in London.  We had a lazy day, getting up a bit late, cooking a chook (turkey), pig, potatoes etc etc whilst enjoying some Australian bubbly in our jim jams.  We only got dressed about 10 minutes before the guests arrived (her bro and his girlf).  Some pics of the day below.  Check out the slightly odd serviettes – this pattern was everywhere in Iceland so when we found these serviettes, we couldn’t resist. I tried making peacocks out of them but my serviette folding skills just don’t extend that far!!


Kips after the meal and several hearty rounds of Jenga ensued before watching Annie on tele and eating left overs, back in our jim jams.  Not that we were hungry mind, it is just that they were there.
This is what happens when three Aussies and a Geordie drink, eat and play jenga…

It’s serious business, you know!  Our best effort was 26 rows.  Go us.

Jenga, trivial pursuit and charades are the Christmas games mainstays for my family – what about yours?  Do share, I love a good game.

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