Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 – My Goals


So I didn’t make any resolutions as the clock struck midnight last night but I’ve got some goals in mind:

  • Improve fitness and health
  • Travel
  • Blogging
  • Random personal indulgences

I've broken them down a little more below, with a few for each category.  I'm going to try and accomplish all of these but if I miss some, that is ok too.  They're goals, not deadlines.

Improve health and fitness
It's not secret I'm a long way from peak fitness.  I eat a bit too well, I drink quite often (always socially but a lot more here than at home) and I certainly don't seek out exercise opportunities.  I'm not going to change overnight but here are some of my health and fitness related goals:

  1. Dry January.  No alcohol this month.  This should be ok - a few of my friends are doing it too.
  2. Eat in more than I eat out.  This should be good for waist and wallet.  I’ve become a lazy cook over here.  Partly because it isn’t convenient to go to the supermarket (a bus and a walk) and partly down to sheer laziness but I want to cook meals at home far more often.  And not just ready meals, I want to make things from scratch more than I do.  I think I might go back to get a box of veg delivered each week.  
  3. Try a new savoury (healthy) recipe each month.  I often try new sweets to bake but I rarely look at recipes for savoury, normally making it up as I go.
  4. Work through the 200 squats challenge.  This is going to cane my legs but it is for a good cause (strength etc).  I tested myself and I’m average.  Not good, not good at all. 
  5. Complete the London Moonwalk.  I’m registered, and I have my training tee but I have to actually do the training.  Some old colleagues are doing it to, but now that I’m no longer working with them (or near them), I won’t have them on the after work weeks.  It is up to me to push myself and motivate myself.  In short, it is a 26 mile walk around London, starting at midnight.  Ideas for how to decorate my bra will be sought closer to the time. 

Travel & See
I'm in London to travel and experience a different life.  If I'm not going to travel, I may as well be in Melbourne with my family and friends (and the Australian climate/beaches/lifestyle - it really does rock).  So, some goals here are

  1. Experience and see England and London.  There are so many galleries and museums here I want to see, and have for more than a year now, but haven’t made the time to see.  There are loads of day trips to be done as well.  I don’t know when my time in London will come to an end but when it does, I don’t want to have regrets about not doing things.  Examples include Windsor Castle, Tate Modern  (I haven’t been since 2002), British Museum, Richmond Park, St Pauls Cathedral (inside, not just taking pics outside!).
  2. Travel to twoe of my top destinations.  The places I crave to go to the most (aside from a trip home) are Morocco, Russia, Berlin and Prague.  I have Russia in mind for this years big trip but I’d love to knock a few more off. 

I love it.  I'm fairly new to it and not sure where I'm going with it but I love hearing about the lives others lead and journalling my own.  I want to be better at it.  So this year I'm going to try and:

  1. Blog at least 228 times.  I will try and focus on quality over quantity but 228 is my goal.  Whilst it may seem like a random number, it is based in tax law (yeah, I’m an nerd).  Australian tax law.  To do with taxable car fringe benefits – it’s the assumed working days (based on 5 days a week, 4 weeks holiday, public holidays etc).
  2. Comment on more blogs as and when.  I often read through Reader and I haven’t got it sussed how to easily skip out and comment so I just lurk.  I really dig a lot of blogs for a lot of reasons so whilst it isn’t a “SMART” goal, it is a goal of mine.
  3. Learn a little more about CSS and be able to edit my own templates (even if they are just tweaks).  I found the code to go three column style, but there is a lot more to find and then to actually understand it.

Random personal indulgences

  1. Try crocheting.  I love little crocheted flowers and what not.  I love knitted things and quilted things to but in 2010 I think I will try crocheting. 
  2. Take a photo a day to complete Project 365.  I blogged more about it yesterday.

But the main goal is to have fun.  Not to sweat the small stuff, over plan or over commit myself to things.  Leave room for change and spontaneity.

Have you made some resolutions or set any goals?  I’d love to hear about them

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