Friday, 22 January 2010

Colour Quiz

I came across this colour quiz (over at Brick City Love) and have to share it…

I don't pride myself on my colour awareness etc but I do love quizzes so I was straight onto it.

It uses a golf scoring (lower is better) and I scored 7 - how did you go? Not a perfect result but after 11 hours in front of my computer screens at work, I was happy with it. I do wish it would tell us which ones we got wrong though - I'm hoping I aced the third bar. That is where my heart really is!

How did you go?  Which bar holds your favourite colours?


  1. Hey the link to the test doesn't work properly, but I found it in the end (I think you need to remove the bracket at the end).
    Anyway I did the test and guess what! I also got 7. I thought I was bound to do worse than you because (a) I am a bloke and (b) I didn't even know what they meant by order of hue. Anyway apparently I did pretty well for a 22-29 year old male. :)

  2. Sorry the link didn't work for you - it's working now. Great job on the 7!