Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A colourful Calendar

Or, really a coloured Calendar.  When I started my new job earlier this month, I received a bunch of promo items from the payroll company.  Amongst them was a corporate desk calendar using stock images.  It sounds bad but it wasn't actually.  You see, they had used only red dominant pics (to match their branding) and themed them to the months:
Red calendar page Helium stars for January (NY), red roses for Feb, red spring flowers for March, fireworks for November (Guy Fawkes Day in the UK on 5th November is also bonfire and firework night), red leaves to September and Christmas baubles for December.

This calendar now sits on my desk at work.  Starring at it each day has got me thinking – why not DIY it?  You could do this using your own pics or those in the Creative Commons on Flickr. 

Some groups in Flickr are based around dominant colour photography - here's a few to get you started:
Black and Blue
Bluest Blue
Magenta Motion

There endless groups of varying sizes.  I found the above, and many more, by searching by colour name in groups.

If you were to make a calendar, what colour would you choose?  It it because you love it, or it would fit in with the decor?  If we were matching, red would be perfect in the kitchen.  Teal or Turquoise for my room.

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  1. I like the black and blue group. Good tips!