Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Getting things done…

Christmas card removal
(apologies for wonkyness and the odd stray glimpse of my fingers… still working on my cameramenship)

Yup, sadly my Christmas decorations are now down.  I took the last of them down last night, at the last possible moment.  Most of them came down on Monday but ironically my housemate said I should leave them up for the full 12 days etc. This is the same housemate who said she didn’t see the point of us decorating because none of us were going to be here. The same housemate who, on hearing I was going to decorate and was only going to be using silver stuff, said she thought we should decorate with red.  Yeah, she doesn’t really know if she’s Arthur or Martha it seems but hey ho, let it slide.

I feel a little bit like the little girl in the Banksy classic (adapted for Christmas – the original shows her forlornly letting go of a heart shaped balloon).


Once I dedecorated, I wrote in my journal.  In yesterdays post I mentioned that I should stay away from gallery shops.  I just can’t not buy things at them – I’m shocking.  I picked up a diary on the weekend.  A journal style diary and a really great one.
A royal blue Keel’s Simple Diary.  It’s not simple in that it is blank, but rather full of prompts and easy to maintain.  Each page has a place for you to date before asking a series of questions.  The questions are of the same format each page but very different.

If you come by one – have a look (hint – here is a link to a sample double page).  I’ll share more with you on them soon, after I’ve used it for a bit but I’ll leave you with a random question:

Your day was:
[ ] a sweet violin
[ ] a rally
[ ] a punch in the belly.

go ahead and answer (and laugh).

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