Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Today marks the 222nd anniversary of the colonisation of the great land that Captain Cook had previously discovered.  Without being jingoistic, I’m proud to be Australian and to call Australia home.

Australian Cupcakes

And I’d be proud if I’d made those cupcakes!  But alas, no, I’ve done nowt.  In honour of Australia day, I’ll be heading out for dinner with some Aussie friends for Vietnamese tonight. This seemingly random act does actually make sense as Melbourne has a thriving Vietnamese population with a few special Vietnamese restaurant strips. 

If I was in Australia today, I’d be kicking back with friends for a bbq, listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown and enjoying the Summer. 

In honour of Australia day, I’m sharing with you some pics from my parents part of Australia (their farm).  Some are from when I was home last September, some from before I left and all of them make me smile.

Family - Fraser

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