Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's the simple things.

  Bowl of clouds
*  It's the snugginess of my doona in the morning;

*  It's the brilliant water pressure in my morning shower;

* It's the smell of fresh coffee brewing;

*  It's the music that evokes so many emotions and brings back so many memories on my ipod during my commute;

*  It's the smiles and chat and banter that greets me when I get to work;

*  It's the work that challenges me and intriques me in equal measure;

*  It's the waterways I get to see daily, giving me a feeling of freedom, despite being where I really am;

*  It's the emails and text messages from friends back home that make me feel like I'm not really so far away;

*  It's the sun and the clouds which I am forever looking to when I daydream;

*  It's the spontaneous plans with good friends, made better through shared circumstances;

*  It's the surprising, intriguing and just plain odd sights and people that London constantly throws at me;

*  It's the increasing amount of greenery about me, a sure thing that Spring is on its way;

*  It's the feeling of complete and utter exhaustion after a good work out that makes me feel like I have given everything I have (and then some);

*  It's the roof over my head in a flat that I love;

*  It's the cup of tea my housemate makes for me of a night;

*  It's the photos in my room of places I've been and people I've seen;

*  It's the words I read, that others have put so much time, thought and effort into, that allow me to learn and laugh;

*  It's the postcards I receive that please me so;

*  It's the late night phone calls with my parents (time differences you see…);

*  It's the combination of it all that really makes my heart beat a little louder.

It really is the simple things that make my life one that I love.  What are the things that make your life so?

(this post was inspired by Christina's call out on the simple things over at Soul Aperture . She's posted hers today as well).


  1. such a simple thing...a roof over your head. thanks for sharing your wonderful list.

    one love.

  2. Music is not only simple, but a gift. How lovely that it can evoke memories, put a spring in your step, change a mood, complete a day. And, yes, make our hearts beat a little louder. Thank you for your lovely list!

  3. Ditto on the coffee, photos and music. :) I like your list. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well, by the way (

  4. This is such a great list! I think I could adopt it for my own. :)

  5. words from home, they mean so much to me too.

  6. your words flow beautifully... straight to my heart. i will have to send you a postcard ; )

  7. fantastic list! 'the sun and the clouds which I am forever looking to...'...a beautiful thing :)

  8. a roof over my head is what i focused on this time. coffee and music sound just perfect to me.

  9. I love your list...and I love that last beautiful.

  10. 'It's the combination of it all that really makes my heart beat a little louder.' So well very well said!


  11. Great post. It really is those things that make life tasty. I wish I had brilliant water pressure. My water pressure is appalling. Sometimes the water completely stops half way through a shower. I guess that's the downside of having the loft en-suite in a 5-bathroom-house.

  12. Am so envious of your daily waterways views. And so very glad that you appreciate them.