Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lazy Susan

The weekend has been and gone and it was a perfectly lazy.  Not lazy as in didn't leave the house kind (altough they can be good to) but lazy as in leisurely and laid back.  I lucked out and both my housemates were away for the weekend so I had the flat all to myself  (note:  I get on well with the housemates and I wouldn't want to live alone but every so often it really is luxe to be by myself at home).
  • I got all wet and muddy and puffed out at my British Military Fitness Class (think bootcamp) class on Saturday morning.
  • I wandered and enjoyed the Borough markets solo on Saturday arvo.
  • I cooked myself a feast with the vegies and herbs I'd purchased for dinner, whilst catching up on my fav shows on Saturday night.
  • I walked and talked for 7 miles along the Thames and through Battersea Park on Sunday morning with friends.
  • I then walked and talked with mostly the same friends through the shops and at Starbucks in the arvo (ok, we just talked at Starbucks, didn't really walk!)
  • I then talked and ate and watched DVDs with another friend Sunday night (Atonement - mixed thoughts on it, will share another time).

It really was a delightful weekend for the mix of indulgence and exercise, company and solitude and because.  Just because.

And now, I'm typing this at work as I eat lunch (seared tuna steak and salad from the L9 cafe), in between calculating the IR and HF Greeks.  In English, that is Delta, Gamma and Vega for interest rates and hedge fund transactions.  Does that English explanation help you? No?  Me neither :-)

And in honour of said greeks

Thanks to Amplified Photography for the pictures of Greece, which now very much registers on my travel to do this year

Oh, and the title?  I was lazy and my real name is Susan (although I go by Sue, or Simons Sista (seriously - his mate's call refer to me as sis)
How were your weekends?  Equally as enjoyable I hope?  What's your setting as you type away now?

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  1. I am liking that photo of Greece. We should go there.