Thursday, 14 January 2010

Leisurely Leeds

Leeds is a fairly bog standard town about halfway up Britain.  Tourists don’t really stop there but I do.  My (mum’s) family is from there, you see.  It’s a town full of red brick row houses and well, not much else (ok – shops, and great night life and stuff but it isn’t a natural beauty) but I’m super fond of it.

This weekend past I ventured up to see the Grandparents and then hang out with my (second) cousin and her kids (second cousins once removed apparently).  Travel time there and back on the train was about 7 hours so it makes for a long day, but a fun day none the less.

Here are some of the snowy pics from last weekend

Top to bottom – (1) sunrise from the train window about half an hour out from London (2) My Grandparent’s green door (3) snowy rooftops in suburban Leeds (4)(5) a playful little birdie I came across in some gardens near my grandparents (6) and patches of blue sky whilst in said gardens.

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