Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New York

It's now been 18 months since my first and only visit to New York.  I had a week there, staying solo at the Gershwin and it truly was one of the most amazing and inspiring weeks I've ever had.  I met a sweet Aussie at the hotel, Georgie, who I'd have breakfast with each morning at a local deli (bagel and iced coffee) before we both went our own ways, coming back together for the night time.  Despite hanging with Georgie, and being in THE metropolis, it was a week of blissful solitude.

Whilst I was ready to leave after a week, I always knew I had unfinished business there and will one day return. May that day come soon! please...  (Ok, I know I could just jump on a plane but I'm waiting for one of my aussie besties to save some pennies and meet me there.  I've given her this year, otherwise I'm going solo).

And New York, it seems, is all around me.  Last night I headed out to a NY inspired bar/restaurant, Prohibition, for dinner and drinks with friends.

At dinner we discussed the new Sex and the City movie - I flippantly said I wanted to go to NY to see it as that was where I had seen the first.

And then, summing it all up so well is Miss Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind Part II.  I just can't get enough of it.  I love it.  I really really really like part I but this part II.  Wow.  It had me at "ooooooohhh New York"

Here's a live version I'm really digging right now.

Any songs that just really hit the spot for you?  Or places you are craving a return (or first visit) to?


  1. I love New York and can't wait to go back someday!

  2. Yeah New York. It's funny how that city can really stay in people's hearts. I in fact have a New York Playlist in iTunes which has got a mix of songs which are either about NY or remind me of it. Alicia will be added to that playlist. Probably twice. Ben Lee's "Begin" is a good one. Have you heard it?