Sunday, 31 January 2010

Project 365 – Week Four

Another week down, 7 more photos done.  Actually, a lot more than seven photos taken but 7 shared.  Some days I’m brimming with inspiration and taking loads of photos (yesterday for example, lots of sights seen) and other days…well, a lot less so.  Some more internal shots this week.  My camera doesn’t cope and regardless of what settings I use – the colours just don’t represent.  Oh well.
So here is my week, in photos.  No theme this week but I have just realised Wednesday and Thursday are both of shoes.  I like shoes.  I don’t have a shoe fetish.  Just a note.

23.01.10.  Monmouth coffee at Borough Markets.  The best coffee in London.  Had I been here earlier, the queues really would have been stretching around the corner. 

24.01.10.  Morning walk with friends through Battersea Park.  London’s Peace Pagoda.

25.01.10.  Adult apple & elderflower juice with dinner (adult only because I was drinking from a wine glass)

26.01.10.  Australia day, and the best I came up with is a screen shot of my favourite iPhone app.  This game (bejewelled blitz) is seriously addictive!


27.01.10.  Mud caked on my winter trainers after a exhausting boot camp session.  My trainers fared well – my clothes were as muddy as.  Something about working out in those conditions that appeals to my inner child.

28.01.10.  Bowling with friends after work.  My feet are at 6 o’clock.  I didn’t win but I wasn’t surprised! 9 o’clock one.

29.01.10.  Escalators at Angel Tube Station. The longest in the underground.  My first few shots were out of focus so I was a fair bit down it by now.

How was your week?  If you were to capture it in photos, what would we see?

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  1. I love the bejeweled game on my Iphone, it's so much fun! Great pictures :)