Monday, 11 January 2010

Project 365 – Week one

As promised, a week in review.  Going forward there really will just be the week’s pics.  This week, I’m bringing it up to date so a few extra.  Apologies!

If you are also doing Project 365, please leave your links in the comments and I’d love to check out your pics.  How are you finding it?  I found it harder than I thought I would as I’m rarely outside during daylight hours currently and my camera doesn’t cope well with low light inside shots.  Could have something to do with the walking zombie daze I seemed to be in all week.  Should be better next week!

I shot most of these on auto but all the full specs are on the Flickr profiles of them.  Click here for my  Flickr Set.

1 January 2010.  A view out of my window and off Primrose, my housemate’s camper.  Light flare and glare from street lights.
2 January 2010.  London Eye at dusk, from St James Park.
3 January 2010. My “morning” coffee.  This is what kick starts me each morning, although I also have them in the arvo if I’m home.
4 January 2010.  My new sneakers for training etc.  Asics Gel Nimbus – a structured neutral shoe, perfect for me.5 January 2010.  View from my bedroom window again, much like 1 Jan, but this time blanketed in snow.  The snow got a lot worse before it got better.  Primrose hasn’t moved as my housemate has a broken toe and can’t use the clutch right now.
6 January 2010.  Cold cold times in London so my hot water bottle was my bestie.  Grainy as my camera doesn’t deal well with indoors and poor artificial light.
7 January 2010. Store counter at Fat Face, Canary Wharf.  I really liked the counter display of themed books. A very yellowy shot.8 January 2010.  Hi!! me waving in a self portrait as I remembered I hadn’t taken a pic for the day just before I got ready for bed.

I was well off my game this week and whilst I won't have pics I love each day, I do hope I am more inspired to mix them up a bit more.  I already like this weekend's pics more!

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  1. I've been struggling with this more than I thought I would as well. I'm outside a lot, especially with my dog, but I just wonder how many different pictures that I can's definitely tough at times, but it has been fun!