Sunday, 24 January 2010

Project 365 - Week Three

This week began with me up North, in Yaaawkshire (actually, it is Yorkshire but I wanted to try and spell it phonetically.  Phonetic for those that speak with the endearing Yorkshire accent).  Then I came home, and got tired, so Monday was, well.. Uninspired?  You’ll see, and you can judge.

16.01.10.  Whitby, north England.  A beautiful sea side town.  I rested the camera on the rail on the bridge we were crossing to get this one as my hand held shots were just not steady enough.
17.01.10.  This seagull is showing Captain Cook no respect!! Captain Cook is a Whitby born explorer who happened to discover Australia.  There is a tiny replica of one of his boats, the Endeavour a top a mast.

18.01.10.  Monday.  I didn’t take a pic until late in the day.  Almost an afterthought really!  This is some Lego I was gifted for my birthday last year.  My 28th, but never too old for this.  I set them up on some lids of white media storage boxes to keep the background clean. Judge away for the lack of inspiration (and my camera’s inability to take non noisy shots inside!)

19.01.10.  Tower Bridge, London enroute home after a dinner out with friends.  Again, same as in last week.  I need to take the time to really stop and take my night shots.  Get my tripod (it’s only a gorilla grip) out if need be.  Still, I like this shot as it shows a true London icon from a different angle.

20.01.10.  Kennington Tube station.  An integral part of my commute.  This was enroute to work, so around 7.45am?

21.01.10.  A bound tree at Canary Wharf.  Closer up than the pic last week.  I’m a sucker for fairy lights in trees.

22.01.10.  Colourful water fountains in some gardens at Canary Wharf.  Teal is one of my fav colours so I couldn’t not snap these! It took a few shots to capture actual streams of water and not just teal blobs.  Darkness and a moving target made the shot hard.  I also spent a lot of time focussing on just the one fountain but on review, I liked this pic the most, showing a few more.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love Full n Soft as well, do they not sell it anymore? I use it everyday because it looks best for a natural look. Now I have to try to find it!

  2. I love your pictures this week, they're all beautiful! :)

  3. Great photos this week! I like them all. The old trusty twilight works nicely at Kennington. I really love the Captain Cook one. You know, I was reading about him in order to research my blog, as I couldn't remember what the significance of Whitby was to his life. Apparently he wasn't born there but moved there in his late teens, and that's where he became interested in joining the navy. Well that's what Wikipedia said anyway, if it can be trusted. Was quite an interesting interesting life he had. Maybe I should have gone to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum while we were there. :)

  4. Thanks all!

    Scientific Housewife - I'm not sure for sure that they don't sell it (ie. I'm yet to research it), but I haven't been able to find it when I've looked - including in Aus, NZ and UK since last Sept!

    D - this was on my way to work! Twidark maybe?? Yeah, not my normal time of day for photos but I'm working on it.