Monday, 18 January 2010

Project 365 - Week Two

I'm back with the next instalment of my photo-a-day for my Project 365. After bemoaning my camera's ability to shoot indoors with low lights, I made it a focus to get outside more this week, which I am happy to say I did.

Without any further adieu, here are this weeks pics

09.01.10. A snowy park in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK around the corner from my Grandparent's place. Walking back to the bus stop to head to my cousins, I detoured through the park to kick it and play with it and generally behave like a child in it.

10.01.10. Out with a friend for a fresh Sunday arvo walk, this was taken from the Stave Hill lookout, looking towards Canary Wharf. It's pretty much the financial district in London and where I now work.

11.01.10. Night time shot down at Clapham Common, the scene of my weekly boot camp style workout. As any snowfall hadn't been substantial recently, we weren't expecting it to still be snow covered. Can honestly say I'd never done sit ups and push ups in the snow before.

12.01.10. Another Canary Wharf shot. Rather than Christmas decorations, they have wrapped the trees in light as part of a winter wonderland theme. I'm happy to walk past it each day until the end of Feb, no worries.

13.01.10. The view of my flat's backyard (it's a communal one) from our balcony, just before dawn after a night of decent snowfall.
14.01.10. The clouds or fog were super low all day in Canary Wharf, London. I'd noticed it in on my way into work and again when I left some ten hours later. I didn't use my tripod for this and had it on fireworks setting by mistake - a double oops.

15.01.10. Ice sculpting festival near work, taken on a late lunch break. I believe they were about 4 hours into a 2 day event.
My full set can be found here

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  1. The one of your back yard looks fantastic! Hard to believe that is a shot of inner South London. It looks so country-like.

    I hope you had gloves for your Clapham Common boot camp!