Monday, 4 January 2010

Randomocity on a Monday

I’m the new kid today, starting a new job in a different location in a different industry to anything I’ve done before.   Wish me luck – I’m sure I’ll report back at some point, when I’m not such a bundle of nervous energy.

I’m going in well rested though, after a four day weekend where I did lots but not much.  Know those ones? I slept a lot, caught Nine, watched DVDs, went to a few galleries (making a start on my goals) and walked and walked and walked around London.  I chatted with friends at home and hung out with friends here.  A really blissful weekend in London town.  The majority of the galleries and museums here are free as well - so you can have a great day out with it impacting the wallet too much (just stay away from the gallery stores - they get me every time, this week included!)

One thing I didn’t get to taking the Christmas decorations down yet – I just don’t want too!!  I will though, either tonight or tomorrow night, in time for Epiphany.

How were your weekends?  Delightful I hope…

Oh, and I've thought more about my project 365.  I think I will blog the pics weekly, on a Sunday.  Kind of like a free post - as I don't usually post on weekends.  Given I didn't post this Sunday, here are the first two

1 January 2010.  View out of my bedroom window.  You can see my housemate's combi, Primrose parked opposite.

2 January 2010. View of the London Eye from within St James Park at dusk.


  1. Great pictures, how was Nine? I really want to see it sometime.

  2. Hi there! I'm so glad you found my blog through Kasey! I definitely don't mind if you follow along my journey through Project 365, it's great to know others that are attempting it as well. I really like your first 2 pictures..I have a feeling some of your pictures will be far more interesting with all of the great scenery you are surrounded by...can't wait to see more. :) I've found so far that I keep myself a lot more accountable by posting the pictures on my blog. I like your idea of doing a post of the whole week on Sundays..I might change to that from my daily posts once I return back to the spring semester of school.

    And as for your kitchen and all the polka should definitely post a picture someday or feel free to email me one and I'll use it in one of my future inspiration posts! Others have already sent me polka dot pictures and I feel a Dots & Spots...Part 3 post coming on!


  3. @ Scientific Housewife - Nine was ok. I didn't really know what to expect and whilst I enjoyed it, I don't know that you would loose very much waiting for DVD.

    @Carly - stay tuned, might make it into one of my daily photos!