Monday, 11 January 2010


Fancy yourself a chesterfield sofa?  Me? not so much.
By chance, I got off a bus yesterday in front of Squint, a furniture store here in Shoreditch, London.  Shoreditch is one of the edgier arty areas of town and I guess this comes across in the above.  The shop window really is an an assault on the senses. Along with patchwork wallpaper, it is filled with furniture and accessories along the lines of the above.  So so so much colour.  Squint really is an apt name.

It stayed in my mind all day and when checking out their website, I found a few pieces I like.  Along the same lines, but a little more subtle.The Victorian Chaise.  In this colour way, I would be great in a master suite.  This one is actually really growing on me!

Same with the Mahogany Chaise in this colour way.  You could decorate and light and airy yet still regal room around this piece quite easily I think.
And this chandelier.  I’m a sucker for a chandelier and I can see this one in a girls room or a play room.
They also have a range of mirrors and smaller accessories pieces that could be used to good effect.  Used in moderation, I really like some of the pieces.
Did any of these make you squint?  Or are there any pieces that could make their way into your house? 

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