Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ten on Tuesday 15 - the Thursday edition

So Tuesday was Australia day and I got all caught up in that so I didn’t get to the my ten questions.  Or, Chelsea’s ten questions.  Or, really, they are Lisa’s ten questions.  Anyway, I didn’t get to them until now.  But here they are.

1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Ok, I’ve found this question really hard and initially skipped it.  I was having a conversation the other day with a colleague about how we are pretty well compensated for a job I suspect most people could do and was reasonably straight forward.  He pointed out it seemed straight forward to us because we all studied for four years at uni and two years post grad and have trained our brains to think a certain way and notice certain patterns etc.  He has a point, so I would say I am proud of my studies, and balancing them with working and having a great life.  But a lot of us do that, so I’m not sure if it is justified.

I would also say I am proud of my relationship with my immediate family – my Dad, my Step-mum, my brother and my step-brother.  We’re a tight knit unit and we’ve got each others backs.  I’ve seen and heard many a horror story where step parents and step siblings etc don’t work so well.  I always refer to my step-mum as Lynne, because my Mum was mum but I can’t imagine her not being in my life in this role.  I don’t think of her son as my step-brother, but another brother.  What’s that saying?  Brother from another mother? Yep.  So I think my relationships with them, and my Dad, and Simon is something I am proud of.

2. How much did you weigh when you were born?
This is a sore point.  I've asked Dad so many times and never got a straight answer.  Simon was 3.28kg (and born at 3.28pm) and that is all Dad can tell me.  Darn Dads, hey!  I'm sure Mum knew and I'm sure it is written somewhere but I just don't know.

3. What is your favorite perfume? 
Sensuous - Elizabeth Arden.  Light and lovely.  I've loads though but that is my every day one. I wish I could send you a smell of it down the line, but alas - that is not yet possible.

4. How many siblings do you have?
Two brothers.  See question one.
5. How many children would you like to have? (Or how many do you have?)
2 or 3.  In an ideal world, 3 with the middle one being of the opposite sex to the oldest and youngest.  Clearly, it's not up to me and I'll be thankful for whatever He has in store.

6. What’s the best class you took in college?
Italian.  I did it for a semester as a non-related subject.  My  degree (business) had several electives, but you had to do at least two that were from outside your faculty and not related to your degree.  Something about "well rounded citizens".  So I did human communication and Beginners Italian for the tourist.  Got some basics out of it and loved the varied assessment (including ordering in Italian at a local Italian restaurant).

7. What was your favourite game to play when you were a child? 
Barbie charms the world was huge, mainly because I didn’t have it but my friend did.  We played lots of Rummikub too. I love that game still.

8. What character on Friends are you most like?

9. Are you a phone person? (ie: Do you like talking on the phone?)
Yes.  Sometimes.  Sort of.  Maybe not so much?  With some people, I really am but I guess not overall.  Still, I wish it was cheaper to phone home.

10. What was the best vacation you ever took?
I’ve been really lucky – there have been loads of great trips – some exotic and some local.  The one I am most grateful for was over Easter 1991.  Beach house.  Family.  Mum.  (she passed away soon after, not unexpectedly).

{pic from Always13}

Play along if you will.  I think I'm most interested in hearing your proudest acheivement or favourate vaction (where and why!)

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