Friday, 22 January 2010

Weekends away - Whitby

Another Friday is upon us…

Paths on Friday tend to lead to the weekend I couldn’t be happier! I have no grand plans particularly – a boot camp class on Saturday, a walk with some friends on Sunday, some books, dvds and mooching the rest of the time – and I’m really looking forward to it all.  I’ve got Atonement to watch this weekend.  Anyone seen it?  Thoughts?

Last weekend was a different story though!  Up early Saturday to head north, to the North Yorkshire Moors with some friends.  We caught a train to York, hired a car and head out on the highway.  Or Motorway as they call them here.  Or, actually, the A roads for where we were going. 

We took the scenic route to the coast and north to Whitby, stopping at Bridlington, Flambourough and Scarbourough (of Scarborough Fair fame).  Sunday we came back a different scenic route, over the moors through many a small village, returning to London late Sunday night. 

It really was a glorious weekend in so many senses  - good friends, good food and really good fun (some laughs I’ll share with you soon, if I can find the files I need!).  Sunday morning I got up before dawn for what turned out to be an underwhelming sunrise but the views throughout the day were amazing. And there was such a contrast - we went from playing on the beach to playing on the snow! 
  (first 4 pics just above taken around sun up in Whitby.  Pic 5 & the garden path pic taken at Sutton Bank at sun down)


  1. What beautiful photographs! Sounds like an amazing weekend!

    It's been awhile since I saw it, but I really enjoyed Atonement!

  2. Beautiful photos, I want to go to there :)