Friday, 29 January 2010

Wet cup of pants anyone??

Happy Friday!  This is one of those random, slightly distracted posts.  Coffee is really on my mind right now. Contributing reasons are (a) that it is Friday and (b) I drank last night (yeah, fail - so much for a dry January).
Not much else is on my mind.  But coffee - it's there in several ways, so that is what you are getting from me today. 

latte Art
{pic from PoYang}

Here are just some of the coffee related thoughts occupying my mind right now. They're not really related but I'll try and get them out there. Feel free to correct me/laugh at me/ wonder for my sanity etc.

1. Firstly, I think milky coffee drinks are as follows:
Cappuccino - 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 froth, finished with a choc dusting
Café Late - 2/6 coffee, 3/6 milk and 1/6 foam
Flat white or Americano w milk- 1/3 coffee, 2/3 milk
This comes from making many coffees (behind bars and in cafés) and drinking many many more. It also comes from a coffee course I did a while back as a group bonding day (I recommend, just not at night, or a night before some uni exams)

2. Secondly, I'm a simple cappuccino girl. Regular size, regular milk, regular finish (cocoa powder). Aside from Christmas time when I can get gingerbread lattes at Starbucks.

3. Thirdly, my boss doesn't have chocolate on his cappuccino. I've tried, but I just can't understand it. It is like all my quota of understanding is used on other, more important, things that despite trying and trying again I just don't get this. At all.

4. Fourthly, several of my other colleagues order wet cappuccinos. I don’t really get this. In trying to understand it, I thought about the alternative. A dry cap. Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm. Ground coffee beans and milk powder anyone?. That would be a dry one, right? Yuk. Turns out a wet one has more milk, less foam. A dry one is a normal one. Why not then order a latte people? Seriously. A wet capp? Are you guys on board with this? Have you heard of this?

5. Fifthly, we mostly all drink cappuccinos (both wet and dry) around here. Every day. At 10.30ish. The ish bit comes from the fact that we have to wait in line for our capps. And whilst waiting in line, we discuss all manner of things - weather, world politics, travel plans, the economy (we work in a bank) and stuff. Fitting neatly into this "stuff" category was this morning's conversation. After all individually ordering our drinks (cappuccinos), the conversation with two of my colleagues went a little something like this:

C1 (to me): Did you order a cappuccino? A cup-of-chino?
SS: How'd you guess? Yes, I ordered a cup-of-chino
C2: Hehe. Aren't chinos those golf pants that people wear?
SS: Yep,
C1: Hehe. You ordered a cup-o-pants. Enjoy that.
(keeping in mind that Aussies think of pants as trousers, English think of them as undies)

6. Sixthly, C1 and C2, whilst laughing at me for ordering a cup-o-pants, seemingly forgot what they had ordered - a skinny and a fat wet cup-o-pants. Enjoy those, sunshines!

How do you drink your coffees? Are you in the wet-cup-o-pants camp? Chocolate on a cap? Set me straight - what is right, what is wrong?


  1. I love coffee. I mostly drink it with cream and sugar but I also like expresso coffees as well :)

  2.! I'm not a cappuccino person...but rather a mocha person. I have to limit myself on them though. My favorite is Starbucks' white chocolate mocha and peppermint mochas!

  3. Wet cup of pants, that's funny!
    Seriously though, wet cappuccinos? That makes no sense at all. The whole point of a cappuccino is that it has more froth less milk. Take the chocolate away and you have a latte. Which, by the way, I think should be served in a glass.