Thursday, 7 January 2010


Whether it is the cold (and snow), the dark, the longer hours and steep learning curve of a new job or a combination of all things, I seem to be in a daze this week.  Since my brain is spent, I’ll share with you some things I day dreamed of on the tube home…

(put into a mathematical equation in honour of my brain doing maths and computer things it has long forgotten)

+ / -





super happy smiling Simon’s Sista, Sue (or, probably just a sleepy Sue, but hey ho).

How does the cold affect you?  If you have some time off (even just a long weekend) – how has this week at work gone?
(pics - 1 & 2 from, 3 from Anthropologie, 4 from Laura Ashley, 5 from Flickr)


  1. I could really go for all of that right about now! I can't stand the cold weather. Once winter rolls around, I want to turn into a bear and hibernate.

  2. Its pretty cold here in Texas right now...high of 30 and low of 15..although I'm sure many northerners are laughing at us southerners who are freaking out because of the temps. I personally am staying inside, in front of the fireplace, with a cup of coffee..mmm.