Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Baking the NY Times Choc Chip Cookies

So I caved in and made the NY Times Choc Chip cookies
Are they good?  Yes.  Would I make them again?  Not sure. 
Notes on the baking of the cookies:
  • Dark chocolate discs are really really hard to find (ie. I couldn't).  I used dark chocolate chunks  - whilst they probably didn't look as good, they tasted great.
  • They were really really chocolate chippy.  Far higher chocolate to cookie ratio than what I normally make.
  • Converting everything to measurements units I can measure (ie. weights or UK cup sizes) was quite faffy, but now it is done, it wouldn't be an issue next time around.
  • I didn’t know the difference between cake and bread flour initially. after learning the difference (protein and gluten contents) I couldn’t find any cake flour.  As the recipe calls for equal amounts of cake (6-8% proteins) and bread (12-14%) flour, I just used plain flour (10%), figuring they netted off nicely.  The other difference between the flour types is how fine/coarse it is.  I couldn't do much about this.
  • I let some dough sit for 18 hours, the balance for 24 hours.  This was more to do with convenience than plan.  I (over) baked a few cookies Sunday morning to give to friends I was seeing, and finished baking the rest that night.
  • The resultant cookies from each batch were very similar.  If anything, the second batch was less crunchy because I didn't overbake them.  Crunchy outer, goopy chewy inner.  The recipe says it makes 18 x 5” cookies.  I ended up with 46 x 3” cookies.   Maybe had I made them to size, they would be less crunchy (but ridiculously large!).  The tin I took a pic of is the smaller of the two tins I packed.  After we ate lots (and ate lots of dough too) and put some in plastics for home.
  • My colleagues loved them and allayed any concerns I had about them being too crunchy.
  • I'm the only girl in my group.  Boys are easily pleased.  They will probably like any cookies I bring to work, so I can't take their complements too seriously.  They wolfed them down.  It was chaotic, but entertaining to watch.
  • One colleague said he loved them and they were better than his mum's (usually too crunchy) or girlfriend's (usually too doughy) cookies.  So, maybe I can take the complement seriously.
All in all, they’re yum but I think I’ll stick to my staple recipe from the BBC for the most part as it just seems to be an easier recipe.

Have you made them?  Would you?  What is your staple cookie recipe?

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  1. I love Chocolate Chip Cookies and I have a family recipe that I love :)