Thursday, 18 February 2010

Before Sunrise

I'm super stoked to be heading off to Vienna, Austria this weekend.  It's a place I've long wanted to visit as it is the setting for one of my favourite movies.  I know I’ve mentioned this movie before but have you seen it? Liked it.  I’ve watched it countless times and will watch it countless more.  It’s a romance, but not a rom com and not too girly (ok – it is girly – as a male friend pointed out the other week, there are no car chases or fights or gun battles). 

It’s the story of two twenty somethings train travellers who meet by chance and spend the next 12 hours together.  I love the romantic notion behind it, I love the train travel involved in it and the “live now” approach they both have.  All around, I love it.  Ethan Hawke isn’t too bad either (if you can get past the 1995 styling he’s got going on!).

This got me thinking about how and where I travel.  This is not the only trip booked for this year because of a movie or novel. 

What’s a place that you have visited or would love to visit because of a movie/book/song? Others for me include Prince Edward Island because of Anne of Green Gables (done) and St Petersburg because of The Bronze Horseman (not done).

*Book or movie needn’t be the only reason to go somewhere.  We're heading to Vienna to see some friends too, so I think I would likely be doing this trip regardless of my love affair with this movie.  But still, the movie has played a big part. 

* In doing the teensiest amount of research ahead of the trip, I came across an article in the travel section of the NY Times.  I think it is a bit out of date now with the finer details, but regardless, my reasons for heading there do not including trying crayfish on cauliflower with grapes and fried capers.  I may however try the fair-trade coffee and mustard chocolate bars if I see them.

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