Friday, 12 February 2010

Duvet days

I’m lusting after this Orla Keily duvet cover at the moment, but it is tying with two others, both from Melbourne brand Aura.
or Scrunchy

I don’t actually NEED a new cover.  I had two and bought one more last weekend.  But I can lust, can't I?  Especially if it means looking and thinking about cosy beds (which is where I'm mentally at right now!) and

Which one would you go for? 

My room is pale greige mainly (carpet and walls) with white trim and tops above the picture rail.  (That description makes my room sound foul but it actually full of potential!  It has a large bay window and gets lots of sunlight.  When the sun actually comes out.

Any bed linen you are lusting over?  How many sets do you have, or just the one favourite one?

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