Monday, 8 February 2010

Project 365 – Week 5

Another week, another set of photos.  I must say I am super glad the light is starting to hang around for longer.  It means that it isn’t getting dark until about 5pm at night.  Still too early for me to be home but good for my mood!  On the flipside, if I want to get out and get that sunrise shot of Tower Bridge, I’ve got to get up well early for it now!!

I’m missing one this week but not because I didn’t take a photo.  The photo for Friday is to do with a birthday present. Given the recipient sometime checks in on the blog, I think it only fair not to post it until after she receives it!  To keep the numbers at 7, I’ve included yesterday’s pic. 

30 January 2010
30.01.10.  Again, I need to stop and take time when taking these shots, especially at night.  This is the full moon over Lambeth Palace on the south side of the Thames.  Reviewing it on my camera screen, it looks quite clean.  Shame it isn’t really.  The moon was so big and low this night.  Equal parts eerie and stunning.

31.01.10.  A gray and dreary Sunday in London.  This is of the tulips at our kitchen window.  If I'm home for the weekend, I like to pic a bunch of flowers up on the Saturday morning from a nearby flower lady (she’s a long way from a florist but is utterly charming).  They set me back £2.  One flower goes in my room in a specimen vase, the rest in the kitchen.
01.02.10.  My newly adapted pin board above my bed.  It’s actually made from four small ones stuck together and then covered in a cheap bed sheet but I really like it. The wall needed something on it but I didn’t like having class frames.  This solves the problem quite nicely.

02.02.10.  A massive pendant light near work.  There is a row of these in a covered archway corridor thing.  I will go back and get a day time shot some time to show their context but they really suit the space (and are huge!)

03.02.10.  A snapshot of my everyday life really.  British plug on the left, Aussie adapted on the right.  I like that the one from “down under” looks like it is the right way whilst I will forever think that the British one looks upside down.

04.02.10.  Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast on the Thames.  After the laziness of my Wednesday shot, I deliberately broke my commute home to get a more scenic pic. This isn’t my first gratuitous Tower Bridge shot nor will it be my last.  I took more time to make sure I held still for this (i.e.. rested the camera on London Bridge’s rails) so it wasn’t so blurry.
06.02.10.  A night at the theatre with a friend calls for bubbles.  Actually, lots of things call for my bubbles in my opinion.  This time, it was super yummy bubbles.  Vevue is one of my favourite drinks, but my wallet doesn’t really like it so much.  Incidentally, we saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof which was phenomenal.

Which of this weeks pics is your favourite?  Any tips?
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  1. I love your pictures this week, especially the shot of the tulips in the kitchen!
    Looking at the picture of the outlets is weird to me...mostly because while I've always known that they're different in other countries, I've never actually seen a picture!

  2. I also really like the tulip one. It really encompasses that winter feeling where you look at the cold weather outside whilst snug at home going about homely stuff in the kitchen. Great.

    And the power plug is a great analogy for the life of us London antipodeans.