Monday, 15 February 2010

Project 365 – Week 6

Ok, here is a post that I didn’t think would happen! I couldn’t find my camera cord for what felt like the longest time.  But I did, so here are the pics I took last week:

07.02.2010.  Baking the NY Times cookies.  Last weeks tulips mingled with this weeks roses.  For a few days at least.  The red tulips are gone, and the best of the roses are now mingling with this weeks bunch.

08.02.2010.  Clapham Common at night (about two hours after sundown). The photo was taken on auto, with the ISO far higher than what my camera can handle. So noisy.   Not sure what I can do about it, other than stop taking night shots.  Using a tripod would at least help me hold still – but I was on my way somewhere and this was a quick snap.

09.02.2010.  Happy Valentines Day… a little berry iced chocolate cup cake from the cafe at work.  Sweet, but a bit too sweet.

10.02.2010.  My front door.  Well, the front door to my apartment block.  The reflection on the door’s right pane is of a street light behind me.  I like my street and apartment – although I do wish our door was more of a bright Kelly green.

11.02.201011.02.2010.  A night out ice-skating and then Mexican.  This struck us as odd – hot sauce is not the first thing I think of when you say Devon.  I think of cream teas, and rolling green hills, and cider, and things English.  But hey, hot sauce it is (and was – really hot). Was playing with the focus on this one – it has always been set to full frame but recently I’ve been trying out point focus instead.  I think it works here – you?

12.02.2010.  Installation art at the O2.  Not able to capture it in the pic, but the colour of the balls slowly changed, like an upward moving wave of blues.  I was pretty captivated (and would I have stayed longer had I not been rushing to see a film)

13.02.2010.  Liberty’s of London.  Famous for it’s fabrics etc, it is a stunning department store.  One day I will venture inside…

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  1. I think it is funny that you went ice skating at Canary Wharf, took lots of photos, but the photo of the day is of a bottle of sauce.

    What were you up to at the O2? I have never been.

    I have also thought many a time about venturing into Liberty, but never have. Looks very nice!

  2. Yeah, but I wasn't really enamoured with any of the ice skating photos. And they all featured us. There are few pics of me slowly appearing but I like the 365s being "not me" so much.

    O2 was for the movies (Precious).

    Liberty's does an arvo tea...w cream...making it a cream tea...(get where this is going...)