Monday, 1 March 2010

Project 365 – Week 7

Sorry for the delay.  I had a great weekend last weekend, in Vienne and der Rax but I didn’t find time to post the pics from the week.  Well, here they are:

14.02.2010.  Out rambling in Royston, Hertfordshire.  Was a grey and windy day but thankfully the rain stayed away.

15.02.2010.  Another week, another bunch of flowers.  This time multi coloured tulips.

16.02.2010.  Pancakes (with maple syrup, strawberries and ice-cream) for shrove Tuesday.

17.02.2010.  One of my bouncy balls.  It was right before bed time when I realised I hadn’t taken a photo yet.  This is taken lying on my back, looking through the bouncy ball to the light.  I don’t understand why it came our orange, but I like it.  It is NOT easy to hold the camera steady for this kind of shot!!

18.02.2010.  Frustratingly, I left my camera at home this day.  This pic is taken on my mobile.  I was out for dinner with friends in the West End.  I chose to take a pic of the Chicago sign as I saw it and loved it last October but didn’t get a pic then. 

19.02.2010.  My least favourite photo of the year thus far.  I did nothing this day, having to be up at 3.30am Saturday.  I was catching up on the Winter Olympic highlights over the net (but hooked up to the tele).  Torah was awesome!

20.02.2010.  Reflections in Haas Haus, Vienna, on the edge of Stephan Platz.  I took loads of photos this day but I like the reflections in this one.  This was a really modern building, in the middle of old town Vienna.

Fav pic from last week?  I think I like the tulips the most.  Bright and cheery.

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  1. Some great photos this week. The tulips is a good photo, the theatre one turned out really great despite the dark conditions and camera equipment, and I really like the bouncy ball one! Looks like an eclipse.